Savio Jewellery Unveils Its Guinness World Record Holder – ‘Peacock Ring’

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Presenting a glorious tribute to our beautiful national bird- Peacock, Savio Jewellery today on Saturday, October 31, 2015 unveiled its esteemed Guinness World Record Holder – The Peacock Ring at a dazzling evening at Hotel Marriott, Jaipur.

Guinness World Record holder  Peacock Ring by Savio Jewellery

Guinness World Record holder Peacock Ring by Savio Jewellery

The 18k white gold ‘Peacock Ring’ with 3827 VVS-VS quality diamonds mounted on it has been designed in the shape of a peacock spreading its feathers. Conceptualised and designed by Abhishek Sand and Ashish Sand, the ace designers of Savio Jewellery, the ring was made with 4 different orthographic views so that none of the detailing was missed. It went on to become the ring with most cut diamonds and is now the reputed Guinness World Record Holder. The Peacock Ring weights 50.42 g in total and the diamonds used in the ring have a combined carat weight of 16.5.

The audience was mesmerized when the gorgeous ring was unveiled. For being recognized by something as reputed as Guinness, Savio has made the entire nation proud.

 “It all began while browsing through a magazine where while turning pages, we came across a piece with the largest number of diamonds set in a ring. There came the adrenaline rush and the rest is history” – Abhishek Sand.

Despite all the odds and challenges, Savio Jewellery achieved their goal in just one and a half year’s time. “It indeed has been a long journey where all four of us (me, my brother and our parents) saw a dream, and with passion and persistence, we followed our hearts and achieved it”, says Ashish Sand

Savio Jewellery, renowned jewellery name has continued to create history at every step with jewellery that comprises of designs with a dash of uniqueness and a timeless appeal to them.


Making of a Dream!

Coming from the city of jewels – Jaipur, Savio Jewellery is a renowned name in the jewellery industry that is acclaimed for its innovative creations. The name has continued to create history at every step with jewellery that comprises of designs with a dash of uniqueness and a timeless appeal.
When the two ace designers at Savio Jewellery Abhishek Sand and Ashish Sand, while running through the magazine pages, came across a piece with the largest number of diamonds set in a ring they began to see a dream of creating something, which had never been attempted before.

With an eye for nature’s beauty and inspired by the beautiful peacock, they followed their dream and created history.


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Savio Jewellery have designed an incredible ring with maximum diamonds mounted on it. The Ring is titled as “Peacock Ring” . This wonderful and  unique creation is now an esteemed Guinness World Record Holder which is to be unveiled shortly in the city of jewels- Jaipur

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New Collection by Savio Jewellery presented during IIJW 2015

There is nothing as voguish as a woman carrying a beautiful jewelry in elusive Indian traditional attire. Models from the fashion world adorned in the glorious jewels walked the ramp at IIJW 2015 designed by Savio Jewellery. It’s just amazing to see the fascinating and alluring jewels bringing instant glamour to one’s personality while adding an element of sophistication and class.


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