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Style Guide- Glam up with Bright Green Hues!

Spring is here and you definitely looking more ways to glam yourself!
This is the best time to enjoy the nature and its outdoors and the color green is one of spring’s most popular shades, which is calming and appeasing. Also, Green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colors that attracts harmonious feelings.

To get the atmosphere compositions, Savio designers spend hours in nature, get enthused and finally infuse the ultimate treasure of nature in its jewels.  So, in this season with Savio Jewellery, let’s bloom with newness, freshness and versatility and pay tribute to the thriving flora around.

Spoil yourself with vivacious green-the colour of beauty and of constant love.


Spring earrings Savio1

Dreamy and subtle, above earrings with floral motifs are crafted meticulously by Savio Jewellery with green gemstones and delicate diamonds. The sparkle of gemstones and the delicate twisty curves accentuate the beauty and make one feel like more voguish.


Spring earrings Savio4

Apart from an important accessory, Earrings are the symbol of elegance and style! There are times when you need to add extra oomph to your tender and beautiful ears. For all such days wear the fiesta of vivid brights of green and white gemstones on twisted tone that gives way to excitement and transports you to a happier place. With Savio Jewellery, stand out amidst others in the crowd.


Spring earrings Savio5

Complete your charming outfit with this pair of leaf shaped earrings capturing the nature’s beauty in gleaming metal and sparkling gemstones. Just as the dropping leaves mark the season, with Savio Jewellery make your style uniquely yours.

Spring earrings Savio2

Just as the flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size similarly, this earring omens the coming of spring, exuding the warmth and radiance, adding more glitter to your appearance. Let’s go for a breath of fresh air with this Savio earring that every woman craves for.

Spring earrings Savio6

The sensuous and stylish earring that state fine artistry, luminous diamonds, enduring metal, makes an undying promise to live through the ages. Just as the dewdrops are to nature, this pair of earrings oozes out the true beauty in you.

With Savio Jewellery, let’s welcome the summer shades that make you feel great 🙂

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