5 Bracelet Designs to Deck up your wrist!

A man kissing your hand may make you feel very good, but a diamond bracelet lasts forever. Bracelets is not just another accessory but it enhances your look and always render a sweet touch of style to your tender hands. And, this year in all seasons bracelets will remain one of the major accessories that will be complementing your look.  Check out these 5 dazzling, shining, gorgeous bracelet designs, which you can wear during the day at brunch, at a baby shower, a friend’s birthday or going out in the night for dinner, weddings or what. These bracelets by Savio Jewellery are sure to make any plain combination to look more fashionable and much richer.

The Rose Gold


One can never go wrong with rose gold bracelets by Savio jewellery, adorn your black evening dress with this bling of rose god and diamonds, and you are done 🙂

Star Studded


There’s nothing like diamond stars against an onyx night sky. More diamonds– more style! Scintillating glow of the diamonds in this bracelet are looker and dizzy!

Class Apart


A Class Apart! Diamond studded bracelets in rose gold can be a masterpiece in your jewellery trousseau. You need nothing else to accessorize your self with any other jewel when this rose gold bracelet is shining in your wrist 🙂

Double Dazzle

jewellery for cocktail parties (1)

A more dramatic version of the regular tennis bracelet, this bracelet with numerous halos in round and radiant shape of diamonds is designed to bring the double dazzle to your trousseau.

Filigreed Fashionista

what does indian jewellery signify

This filigreed bracelet with fine gemstones peeping from behind the shimmering diamonds is an integral component of any fine jewellery wardrobe and belongs to a high end collection by Savio! If a simple string of diamonds is not what you want, then this one’s for you.

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Style Guide:For Vivacious & Youthful 2017

First month of the year is precisely the right time to freshen up your style with our Savio Jewellery Style Guide 2017. Just like the change in weather jewellery trends also keep changing. One cannot afford to stick up with the timeworn style. So, time to dig into the year’s most exciting jewelry trends with Savio Jewellery- where every jewel piece is a masterpiece.

As per GIA 2017 predictions –Rose gold jewellery combined with gemstones will be a big trend in 2017. The floral motifs would be blossoming this year. Ear covers, rings and bracelets will continue to be statement pieces. Diamonds will be the highlight and the most preferred gemstone.

Making its presence in the year 2016 Rose gold — which gets its lovely tint from copper mixed with gold alloy — has become so sought-after. Savio Jewellery launched its Fantasia Collection where the eternal charm of roses and glow of diamonds comes together during the India International Jewellery Show held in Mumbai in 2016.

Looking at the New Year Jewelry Trend, our thrust to create novel pieces grew and we added new designs to our already existing Fantasia Collection, the designs that are flirtier and youthful, luxe and versatile at the same time.

If you’re already wise to this trend, here we are adding 6 new pieces to take your collection even further that will brighten up your look and get you ready to meet the new year head on!

Halo de Art- 

This gorgeous piece needs no excuse to be draped around your hand. With exquisite cuts of diamond and rose gold handcrafted to perfection come together to unravel a stirring tale in this Halo de art piece of Fantasia Collection.


Cosmic Charm-

This exquisitely crafted loops in rose gold and diamonds delicately embraces your finger on one hand and mischievously embodies sensuality on the other.  Just like the cosmic womb of creation this Cosmic Charm ring from Fantasia Collection showcase the life flowing out of it in all directions.



A heaven’s pure bliss when a sensual butterfly kiss your fingers. Experience the same warm sensation when out of its cocoon a butterfly bloom. Valued by the art of true nature’s beauty Blossoming in the arms comes yet another piece from Fantasia Collection. No matter what the season is this is something that blooms throughout the year! 🙂


The Elegance 

Intricately crafted bangle with a ring set in rose gold exudes elegance. What’s making this fine piece even more elegant is the set of diamonds carrying the treasure trove. The most gorgeous jewel piece from Fantasia Collection -The Elegance which you could have ever imagined will soon find place in your jewellery box.



The brightest glories of hoops not only enthuse the eyes but the earrings set in rose gold and diamond loops  will make you swing and dance around with happiness! 🙂

 How can we not let you pretty lady adorn these Flamboyant earrings from Fantasia Collection?



Flaunt these zigzag earrings with Panache and raise your head high as you walk in style to show off your jewellery. We are sure these dainty earrings will grab all attention for you 🙂



The collection is based on the belief that little things in life come together to make bigger dreams a reality. Trifling rings together brings out a whopping sphere made of brilliantly cut diamonds and rose gold to shield your wrist. The Vivant spark they exude is just difficult to ignore.


The Diamond Hug

The Diamond Hug from Fantasia collection is designed to make every woman’s diamond-dreams come true. The beautiful trinkets embody the glory of pure fantasy.


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