5 Different Shapes to Wrap your Ears!

Modest or elaborate, a pair of earrings complements your look like no other. If you pick the right one to match the shape of your face, it will certainly add a certain charm that no make up would ever do. Whether you’re dressing up for a routine office day or for a wedding, it is the earrings that you choose add volume to your look.

If you love to style your self with a modern touch, Savio Jewellery can give you an opportunity to look through a variety of differently shaped earrings that can accentuate your look in more ways than one and helps you sport a celebrated look. These ornate wonders crafted by Savio Jewellery in its Fantasia Collection can match any outfit.

Fascinating Heart– the perfect balance of strength  and charm, the women possessing strength of character lead from the heart because they have a strength for caring about individuals with their fascinating hearts. To honour all those beautiful women Savio Jewellery dedicates earrings with a Fascinating Heart.


Elegant Oval-  Modish and beautiful this Elegant Oval shaped Savio earring gives you a luxurious look and makes you even more graceful as you walk adorning this stylish earring embellished with multiple gemstones.


Classic Round– Style may come and go but the Classic Round shape by Savio is perpetual. Encircled with precious gemstones, the classic round is for a strong and confident women who believe and live in the circle of life with the attitude of celebrating everything that comes her way.


Stylish Square-  For the women who are passionate about making a difference, who are warm and generous and who treat every one as equal and divide her love in all sides deserves these Stylish Square earrings by Savio so that their positivity radiates in all the sides of the universe.


Endearing Rectangle– Inspiring and affectionate, for the woman you are very fond of, garnered a lot more attention with these Endearing Rectangle Earrings by Savio where all sides big and small sparkle with bright gemstones.


Get these simple and fine crafted earrings in different shapes to be cherished for life !

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