Treasure the Gold Glamour!

Indian’s are born witnessing sparkling gold jewellery. For an Indian soul gold is the most integral and inevitable part of our dressing up. People of all ages wear this auspicious precious metal. Even if we are not wearing it we are always contemplating for this rare possession.

Known for its exclusivity and rich history, holding a distinctive place in the hearts of women, no doubt, gold has always been playing as the most important and a highly significant yellow metal in Indian households. Simple, elegant and alluring to the eye, the artistic brilliance and the finest methods adopted to create such exquisite gold jewellery pieces by Savio craft beautiful narratives that allows you to carry the legacy along in the form of the gold jewellery.
Here, let’s join us to uncover the splendid Savio’s Gold Jewellery Collection that generations can treasure –
1. Twirling Ring– Get awed by this astoundingly striking twirling Gold ring by Savio Jewellery which is enhanced with the gracious gemstones at the edge.
2. The Flawless– For an elegant touch to your ears  you can always count on this flawlessly and finely crafted Gold Earrings by Savio.
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3. Vivant Ring– Imbued with gold and accompanied with sparkling gemstones, the Vivant spark this Savio ring exude is just difficult to ignore.
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4. Glitz of Cutwork- Starting with your ring and reaching to your earrings, this scintillating cutwork ring is enhancing your style choice with timeless beauty.
5. Hoops of Treasure- Crafting pieces that will last forever and are worn through the generations because we believe wearing jewellery is creating memories.
6. Cosmic Charm –When you breathe a whiff of Cosmic charm in the form of blushing chandeliers carved out of lustrous metal, we bet you find these Savio Earrings nothing short of impeccable.
When you see a perfect piece of jewellery, always remember that there is an untold story of dedication and expertise, design and inimitable craftsmanship of artisans that work at Savio Jewellery. Our tribute to the golden hands that craft magic so that we can treasure the Gold Glamour!

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