4 Superb Jewellery Gifting Ideas for your BFF

Looking for a perfect gift? No Panic! Savio Jewellery is here to help! We understand finding a right Jewellery as per the unique personalities of your loved ones can be quite an overwhelming experience. A fine jewellery, is like a perfect reminder to your everlasting friendship and lets your best friend know how much special she is to you!

Savio Jewellery, known for its enchanting and one-of-a-kind designs, recently launched an enchanting collection of exclusive Rose-gold Diamond jewellery that is specially crafted for the beautiful and aspirational women of today! Whoever you’re buying for, whether for your own-self or for your best friend or bridesmaid, we promise that you will find the piece of glamour in our every collection.

For the Classy Friend


Diamonds are woman’s best friend, but pearls are an eternal classic! Why pick between the two when one can have them together? Savio Jewellery presents ‘the Radiant Pearls and Diamonds earrings’ collection featuring the ethereal pearls set along with petal shaped glittering diamonds. Perfect for traditional outfits as well as to add a touch of glamour to your bestie’s everyday western attire!


For the Nature-lover Friend


If your friend is a nature lover, she is sure to adore this beautiful Savio Jewellery Rose-gold ring from Fantasia collection. Perfect for a bestie, who loves to accessorize with chic-jewelry, this charming ‘Butterfly-ring’ crafted with finely chosen diamonds with hues of rose-gold is bound to bring a smile to your friend’s face!

For the Fashion Diva Friend


If you’re looking to treat for your ‘Fashion-Conscious’ friend a gorgeous piece for a special occasion like her birthday or for a graduation party will surely be this Diamond Rose-Gold Pendant set from Savio Jewellery. Adorning these abstract shaped pendant set will definitely make her the showstopper at every party!

For the Loyal Friend


buy jewellery in jaipur (1)

A friend that holds your hands through the rough times in your life, Savio Jewellery’ Rose-Gold Bracelets are the perfect gifts to remind them of your everlasting friendship.  Whether it’s your bridesmaid or a friend you’ve known since childhood, this elegant and sleek bracelet is a wonderful way to tell them how special they are!


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