4 Superb Jewellery Gifting Ideas for your BFF

Looking for a perfect gift? No Panic! Savio Jewellery is here to help! We understand finding a right Jewellery as per the unique personalities of your loved ones can be quite an overwhelming experience. A fine jewellery, is like a perfect reminder to your everlasting friendship and lets your best friend know how much special she is to you!

Savio Jewellery, known for its enchanting and one-of-a-kind designs, recently launched an enchanting collection of exclusive Rose-gold Diamond jewellery that is specially crafted for the beautiful and aspirational women of today! Whoever you’re buying for, whether for your own-self or for your best friend or bridesmaid, we promise that you will find the piece of glamour in our every collection.

For the Classy Friend


Diamonds are woman’s best friend, but pearls are an eternal classic! Why pick between the two when one can have them together? Savio Jewellery presents ‘the Radiant Pearls and Diamonds earrings’ collection featuring the ethereal pearls set along with petal shaped glittering diamonds. Perfect for traditional outfits as well as to add a touch of glamour to your bestie’s everyday western attire!


For the Nature-lover Friend


If your friend is a nature lover, she is sure to adore this beautiful Savio Jewellery Rose-gold ring from Fantasia collection. Perfect for a bestie, who loves to accessorize with chic-jewelry, this charming ‘Butterfly-ring’ crafted with finely chosen diamonds with hues of rose-gold is bound to bring a smile to your friend’s face!

For the Fashion Diva Friend


If you’re looking to treat for your ‘Fashion-Conscious’ friend a gorgeous piece for a special occasion like her birthday or for a graduation party will surely be this Diamond Rose-Gold Pendant set from Savio Jewellery. Adorning these abstract shaped pendant set will definitely make her the showstopper at every party!

For the Loyal Friend


buy jewellery in jaipur (1)

A friend that holds your hands through the rough times in your life, Savio Jewellery’ Rose-Gold Bracelets are the perfect gifts to remind them of your everlasting friendship.  Whether it’s your bridesmaid or a friend you’ve known since childhood, this elegant and sleek bracelet is a wonderful way to tell them how special they are!


4 Jewellery Essentials for the Women of Today

Mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, entrepreneurs, leaders, and angels, you all at least have one feather in your cap. As you juggle around our various roles, the all-rounder in you needs a jewellery piece that can add sparkle to your class and personality!

 Rose gold jewellery by Savio Jewellery is designed to captivate a harmonious collaboration of unique design, fine artistry, luminous diamonds and enduring metal. The intricate diamond detailing ensures a lifetime of commitment and reinforces the beauty of a woman at every single moment. Be it an alluring ring, pendant, necklace or earrings, Savio Jewellery’s Rose gold diamond jewellery collection offers an extensive range of opulent jewellery pieces to choose from.

  1. Classy Studs

To bring alive the charm and sophistication, Savio Jewellery’s round diamond earrings’ collection is every working women’s wardrobe staple. These chic round-cut diamond earrings not just complete your professional look but also add an extra element of class that ties together to any outfit. Whether it is a solitaire or a delicate diamond setting, it can easily work with both your Indian and Western looks. The best thing about the rose gold diamond studs is their versatility: they’re sensuous as well as elegant, all at the same time.

2. Dangling Jhumkas

Jhumkas are an inseparable part of every Indian woman’s jewellery collection. Wearing the extravagant collection of Savio Jewellery’s Jhumkis will instantly add a regal look to your traditional silhouettes. These Jhumkas can go a long way in highlighting your face or taking attention away from your body. Whether you want to don a festive traditional Anarkali suit or wear your silk Kanjeevaramas, these intricate diamonds studded with rubies and emeralds, is surely an exclusive piece of a fine craftsmanship.

3. Rose Gold Bracelets

Bracelets are a great alternative to the traditional gold-bangles. With these dazzling bracelets wrapped around your delicate wrist, one wouldn’t need to think of small talks as these bracelets are definitely the conversation starters. Also, when you think of bracelets, don’t restrict yourself by wearing them alone, one can also pair a rose-gold watch to add a more professional look to your outfit. Savio Jewellery’s rose-gold diamond bracelet collection will give you a variety of options to wear it with.

4. Statement Rings

The allure of rose gold is never-ending. This precious metal gives you a unique look that is strikingly different from the sea of gold and silver. Statement ring’s designer collection of Savio Jewellery is the elegant option to the conventional cocktail rings which are only restricted to the formal occasions. The huge round diamonds on these rings are actually made up of carefully chosen multiple small fine quality diamonds which are set perfectly to give the illusion of big gems. One can also mix-match these statement rings over a western or an Indian dresses. These showstopper rings are definitely a win-win investment piece!

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Jewellery Styles to look for the year 2018!

The New Year is a great time to set fresh goals. It is precisely the right time to freshen up your style. At Savio, we want to bring positive changes in your lives with your style, so we suggest you to take each day of the year as fresh brew and relish the playful silhouettes with alluring jewels.

Here, we’re going to give you all the reasons why you should shop for the most demanding look for 2018 –

Uniqueness- The more unique is your jewellery, the better. Well, it is not hard to follow this trend at Savio as each piece of jewellery is unique. You perhaps will not even find completely equal pieces, as we don’t mass-produce. Savio jewellery brings you awesome accessories that make you unique and incredibly stylish. Like, this intricately carved diamond studded necklace in rose gold with matching earrings is as unique as you.


Connect with Nature- Peacock, Butterflies, flowers and other nature related motifs are used extensively in Savio jewels. Our designers find inspiration in nature as in the main creator of beauty on Earth. Nature-based ideas became trademarks of Savio jewellery and thus the wearer is the most noticeable and admired by one and all.

Here’s the  Guinness World Record holder ‘Peacock Ring’ with maximum number of real diamonds. The 3,827 diamonds studded on this stunning ring are simply enchanting. The design of the Peacock Ring is inspired by a dancing peacock. The pristine glimmer of diamonds makes this ring fascinating.


Statement Jewellery- Big bold statement jewellery is an easy way to make your any outfit looks interesting.  These unique and modern big and bright pieces will instantly glamorize and make you stay fashion-forward. The shiny gems are precisely arranged in flush setting so your eyes witness just the diamonds without any prongs. Statement jewels are fuss free and relaxed.


Traditional Flair- We stick to our roots, which is always reflected in our jewellery pieces as well. The rich legacy combined with fresh ideas adds timeless appeal to Savio Jewels. Our collection compliments traditional Indian look and the finest diamonds give the wearer a timeless grace.

KEW_5757Be the spotlight- Diamonds spell charm and luxury.  The radiance of diamonds keeps you in spotlight.  Our designs are innovative so your quest for quality and style ends here.


Whether it is your rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, get the most demanding look in 2018 by adorning Savio Jewellery!

Have a Look beautiful Year 2018!

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5 Beautiful Bracelet Designs for this Wedding Season

Bangles have always been an important part of wedding looks but the modern woman wants something more stylish that is useful for more than one occasion; bracelets make that perfect piece of jewellery. Bracelets can be worn by brides on the D-Day or any other wedding ceremonies. Even if it’s not your own wedding, you should put your best look forward and bracelets by Savio Jewellery, Jaipur are here to adorn you.


Made with oodles of love, this dazzling design will look really graceful on your hands. Double rows of diamonds add the kind of glimmer that will shine brighter than any other piece of jewellery. The look of multiple solitaires gives this bracelet a timeless aura.


A wreath of diamonds that will brighten up any hand they are worn on. This simple yet chic bracelet is for every woman who likes to invest in versatile jewellery. The minimalistic design can be worn not only at weddings but to office as well.

chic jewellery designs (4)

If you want a delicate feminine look, pick this rose gold bracelet with dainty chain. This bracelet will hug your hands lovingly to impart an eternal style. Meticulously chosen, high quality diamonds in Savio Jewellery make you look dreamy.

Bracelet Savio

A statement piece with zig-zag rows of diamonds for a grand look. Augment the radiance of your persona with this gorgeous and glamorous bracelet.

buy jewellery in jaipur (1)

You will put sun and moon to shame when you don this vintage style bracelet. This is the bracelet to go for whether you are the bride or one of the bridesmaids.

Savio Jewellery has a wide array of jewellery designs for the wedding season so visit us and choose yourself.

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How to Choose Earrings that Complement Your Face Shape

Everything suits you when you wear it with confidence but you can do a few more things to appear even more beguiling; wearing jewellery that flatters the shape of your face is one of them. Every face is unique and beautiful. Some women have chiseled cheekbones while others are blessed with full lips. Round, oval, oblong, heart, square and diamond are the shapes that most faces fall into.

Earrings are the most commonly worn pieces of jewellery. Earrings can actually emphasize the best features of your face to bring out your beauty.

Oval Face

earrings for oval face

The forehead and cheekbones are almost the same width in oval faces while the chin area is narrow. Such faces look perfectly balanced so you can easily wear any kind of earrings. Teardrops and oval earrings are the best matches.


Flaunt this pair of earrings with zig-zag rows of diamonds for a flawless look.

Oblong Face

earrings for oblong face

An oblong face is roughly the same size from forehead to chin. Such thin faces need round jewellery to add some breadth to the face. Big and small studs and cluster earrings are the ideal match. Don’t wear long and thin earrings especially when your hair is pulled back.


These rose gold hoops with enchanting rows of diamonds will provide much needed volume to your face.

Round Face

earrings for round face

Unlike long faces, round shaped faces are best accentuated with long earrings. Danglers and chandeliers that are a little longer than where your chin ends look the best as they make your face appear longer.


These delicate gold earrings with pristine pearl-drops have every element to beautify round faces.

Square Face

earrings for square face

A strong jawline is the most prominent feature of square faces. Such jawlines look amazing and are much desired by women. You can add a little softness to your angular features with curvy earrings. Big earrings that aren’t too long are the best match for square face.


These gold earrings splashed with diamonds in flush setting will balance your strong bone structure to enhance your charm.

Diamond Face

earrings for diamond face

Your forehead and chin are of similar size while cheekbones are broad. Wide earrings that aren’t too long look the best on a diamond face. Long and thin earrings are also great.


These earrings with teasing red and white gemstones are not very long and are wide enough to compliment a diamond shaped face.

Heart Face

earrings for heart face

Heart shaped faces are widest at the forehead and thin down gradually at cheekbones and are narrowest at the chin. Triangular earrings flatter such face shape but remember that the triangle hade to be wide at the bottom unlike your face.


These dazzling green and white earrings are fail-proof compliments for your heart shaped face.

At Savio Jewellery, we have earrings to go with every face shape. Try them on and you will know.

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Essential Wedding Day Accessories for You

It’s the season of weddings and every woman is looking to own some marvelous jewellery. A bride-to-be needs many pieces for her trousseau and every other lady is also equally interested in having her jewellery boxes overflowing.

Each piece of jewellery is auspicious for an Indian woman. Moreover, each of these have some kind of positive effect on your health.  This is a great excuse to indulge in more jewellery, not that you needed any.

A bride or not, if you are in a wedding, you must have these Essential Wedding Day Accessories-



These beautiful pieces of jewellery are considered to be good for health of kidneys. It happens because a nerve connecting brain, cervix and kidney passes through the right year and the right amount of pressure keeps these organs healthy.


The more detailed the earrings, the more they reflect your wealth and beauty. Keeping this tradition in mind, we have crafted the most exquisite adornments for you.


chic jewellery designs (2)

A necklace is believed to be the ornament that strengthens love. From health point of view, necklace helps in keeping blood pressure controlled.

diamond necklace jaipur


Even with all these benefits, your heartbeat will quicken on seeing the beautiful necklaces by Savio jewellery.



The sound of bangles announces your presence even before you enter a room. The circular shape of bangles is believed to send back any energy being emitted by skin. Bangles might also increase your blood circulation.


Fill your hands with dazzling diamond bangles and bracelets by Savio. It will add oodles of charm to your look.



Wearing rings in the ring finger is said to enhance the confidence of the wearer. When you are wearing stunning jewellery by Savio, your confidence will be at its peak anyway.


You will get an eclectic collection of designs at Savio jewellery which you will be able to wear not only on special occasions but at any time you want to.

There are other jewellery pieces like maang tika and nose-ring but the above-mentioned pieces are must-haves whether you are a bride or just want to add to your jewellery collection. Shop at Savio Jewellery today!

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Savio Jewellery Pieces to Style Your Bollywood Inspired Outfits this Diwali

Apart from celebrations, women love Diwali because it is an occasion to get dressed in their festive best. These days festive fashion is not limited to sarees and salwar suits, there are way more options. Similarly, Savio Jewellery has ornaments to style all kinds of outfits. These celebrity outfits will give you some ideas about what to wear on Diwali and Savio is here for you to provide you the right jewellery pieces-

Crop Top and Skirt

bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas (1)

These separates have been favourites of fashion brigade for quite some time and rightly so. The combination of crop top and maxi skirt is comfortable to carry and has ethnic effect too. The fusion outfit can be styled with heavy or light jewellery depending on what you like. If you are planning to wear a basic crop top with a heavy skirt like Aditi Rao Hydari is wearing, Savio Jewellery has something for you.


These diamond earrings will go perfectly with your fusion style. Add on a bracelet for envious glances.



bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas (3)

A saree is an evergreen outfit which is always apt for festive occasions. A heavy saree and blouse combination like what Aishwarya Rai is wearing, needs just a hint of bling.


Dangle these pearl drop-earrings in your ears for a balanced look.


bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas (4)

Heavy or light, a lehenga looks stunning in every way. You can wear lehenga of a single color like Katrina Kaif or opt for a colour-blocked style.


With any kind of lehenga, wear this sparkling necklace set. It looks heavy and still has that delicate charm. The color of this set will coordinate with lehenga of any hue.

Dhoti Pants

bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas (1)

Every girl who knows her fashion, owns at least one pair of dhoti pants just because they are so versatile. You can wear them in Alia Bhatt’s style this Diwali.


Wear these unbelievably beautiful earrings with your dhoti pants and see heads turn wherever you go.

Salwar Kameez

bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas (2)

Anarkali suits have become fashion staple as they look great on every body-type. Deepika Padukone’s black and gold anarkali is ideal Diwali wear. You can wear kurta with cropped pants, salwar or churidar as per your preference.


Something black looks much better with contrasting jewellery. Pick any of these bag-shaped earrings to go.

Maxi Dress

bollywood diwali fashion and jewellery ideas

This is one more relaxed option for festive wear. You can wear a simple maxi dress like Kriti Sanon or pick something that looks more festive. In any case, this pair of diamond encrusted earrings will be a great addition.


Finally, whatever outfit you don this Diwali, don’t forget to bling it up with sparkling rings by Savio Jewellery, Jaipur.


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