How to Keep Your Jewellery Shining Clean?

Our jewellery pieces are our treasured possessions. Some pieces we wear regularly while others are reserved for special occasions. Every piece of jewellery needs proper care and you must not ignore that. Whether its precious jewellery or imitation, you need to care for all of it so that it stays with you longer. Follow these simple tips regarding maintenance of your beautiful trinkets-

how to clean jewellery
1. The basic rule is to always wear your jewellery once you are done applying makeup, lotions, sprays and perfumes. These products might damage your jewellery if they come in its contact.

2. After removing jewellery, wipe each piece with a soft, clean cloth to remove any residues of sweat and other products.

3. Precious gemstones should not be exposed to high-temperature, direct sunlight for long time as it might cause discoloration.

4. Do not wear metallic jewellery while swimming especially if the pool is chlorinated as chlorine damages metals and stones.


5. To clean jewellery, use a mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft brush. Never wash them in sink as stones or even jewellery pieces may slip in the drain.

6. After washing, lay your jewellery pieces on a towel to let them dry.

7. Store each piece separately wrapped in tissue or soft clothes. If you store all jewellery together, it might get tangled and scratched.

8. Store jewellery away from heat and moisture.

how to keep jewellery clean (1)

9. Get your fine jewellery pieces cleaned professionally once a year. For any damage in your pieces, always take professional help and do not try to fix your jewellery yourself.

10. If you are carrying jewellery while travelling, store it in padded boxes to keep it safe from harsh impacts.

11. Always follow every care instruction that came with it or were given by jewellery seller to keep your lovely jewellery pieces new and sparkling for a long time.

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