Savio’s Record Holder Peacock Ring Lauded by International Expert

You already know that Savio Jewellery has the honour of being the creator of the Peacock Ring. This is the ring with most number of diamonds in the world. The 3,827 diamonds studded on this stunning ring are simply enchanting. The design of the Peacock Ring is inspired by a dancing peacock. We have displayed this ring at numerous jewellery events around the world and people have admired it everywhere.


Savio went to the September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair recently. We showcased many of our winsome creations at the show and the Peacock Ring was the most loved. We have become accustomed to all the accolades but at Hong Kong, we received appreciation from someone who understands precious stones a lot better- Mr. Henry Ho.


Mr. Henry Ho was the original owner of world’s largest cut and faceted diamond- Golden Jubilee Diamond. This diamond is now a part of Thai crown jewels. He runs Jewellery Trade Centre, Bangkok.

Mr. Ho came to our booth at September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair and was amazed to see the Peacock Ring. He appreciated the design, setting and the finish of the ring. He said that he has seen many rare jewellery pieces but the Peacock ring was the most special he has ever seen.

peacock ring savio

He also admired our work and vision. Mr. Henry Ho wished us good luck for future. We are very happy on receiving such accolades and are committed towards staying innovative.

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6 Scintillating Rings by Savio to Tempt You

Ring is the symbol of eternal love. This essential piece of jewellery is loved by women and you will rarely see a lady without at least one ring on her dainty fingers. Rings come in all shape and sizes from small to big but the style of a statement ring is unbeatable. With one big ring on your finger, you can skip wearing any other piece of jewellery. And dear men, a woman will love you even more if you gift her a beautiful ring.

Pick a ring from the stunning collection by Savio Jewellery

designer rings

Rose gold and silver have come together to give birth to this shimmering piece. The multiple stones are lending this ring a shine that will make it your most loved jewellery.


statement rings (5)

The pristine glimmer of diamonds makes this ring fascinating. Ditch the multicolored cocktail rings for this pure delight. It will divert all eyes on your lovely hands.


statement rings (1)

Gold and diamonds are the favorites of Indian women. This tiered ring has everything you can ask for. Wear it with your lace dress to jazz your look in seconds.


statement rings diamonds

Even the stars will seem dull when you wear this hypnotizing ring. You will never want to take this extraordinary treasure off your fingers.


statement rings beautiful

This heavenly design will leave a lasting impression on everyone around you. It has delicate floral style that can be worn to both work and parties.


peacock ring savio

When talking about the stunning rings by Savio, how can we not talk about our Guinness World Record Holder Peacock ring? This ring with more than three thousand diamonds is definitely every woman’s dream.

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Savio Jewellery Gets Featured In Prestigious Magazines

Savio Jewellery is no stranger to success. Our brand is loved by fashion-conscious who want unique jewellery pieces. We make every effort to craft the most magnificent jewels for you. When these efforts get recognition on renowned national and international platforms, those are the proud moments for us. Recently our world record holder Peacock ring got featured in some top magazines-

JCK Magazine Coverage of Savio

savio ring featured in US
JCK is an illustrious US based magazine. The February issue of the magazine showcased our alluring creation. The magazine also mentioned our plans to debut in JCK Las Vegas this June.

the ring with most diamonds


Solitaire Magazine Coverage of Savio

savio in media
The Indian authority on gems and jewellery, Solitaire magazine was all praises for our Guinness World Record holder ring that has 3827 diamonds and costs around 17.8 crore rupees.

savio peacock ring with most diamonds


Royal African Diamonds

savio jewellery world record ring
We were thrilled to see this African website feature the dazzling diamond ring by Savio in all its glory.
We want to thank our customers for making us successful. We are constantly working towards giving you impeccably created jewellery pieces.

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Praises all around during JJS!

The four-day-long prestigious Jewellery event —Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS-2015) that began on 19th Dec, Saturday at the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre (JECC) at Sitapura based on the theme Ruby… Red, Rare and Royal finally ended.

Savio Jewellery charmed the visitors and gracefully stood out in the 13th Edition of JJS. The credit goes to our beguiling collection of jewels presented to the connoisseurs of jewellery.IMG_0611

For the first time in the history of JJS, Guiness World Record Holder jewel was showcased. It was the Peacock Ring designed by Ashish Sand & Abhishek Sand of Savio Jewellery.


Guinness World Record Holder- Peacock Ring

“The designers literally captures the soul and creates exquisite designs that are tasteful, especially for the one who has an appetite for opulent and unique jewels’ says the visitor at our booth during JJS

People were seen walking in and got fascinated with the alluring adornments displayed at our Savio stall. Though the Guinness World Record holder ‘Peacock Ring’ with maximum number of real diamonds was the star highlight during Jaipur Jewelry Show but the crowd was entranced by the plethora of choices available.


We were highly elated for getting massive coverage in the leading News papers during JJS.

DNASavio blog

danik bhaskar-3

Savio JJS Ad

Stay tuned as we will be back in the 14th Edition of JJS next year!!

Those who missed can plan to visit between 23 to 26th Dec, 2016!

Making of a Dream!

Coming from the city of jewels – Jaipur, Savio Jewellery is a renowned name in the jewellery industry that is acclaimed for its innovative creations. The name has continued to create history at every step with jewellery that comprises of designs with a dash of uniqueness and a timeless appeal.
When the two ace designers at Savio Jewellery Abhishek Sand and Ashish Sand, while running through the magazine pages, came across a piece with the largest number of diamonds set in a ring they began to see a dream of creating something, which had never been attempted before.

With an eye for nature’s beauty and inspired by the beautiful peacock, they followed their dream and created history.


final copy

Savio Jewellery have designed an incredible ring with maximum diamonds mounted on it. The Ring is titled as “Peacock Ring” . This wonderful and  unique creation is now an esteemed Guinness World Record Holder which is to be unveiled shortly in the city of jewels- Jaipur

Stay tuned…