The Girl from Style Prer Dazzles in Savio Jewellery

Savio Jewellery is grabbing a lot of admirers at the ongoing India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai. Among these jewellery lovers was a popular face who got enamored by our elegant and ultra-stylish ornaments. The beautiful face was of popular jewellery blogger Prernaa Makhariaa who runs the famous Style Prer blog.

atyle prer in savio jewellery jaipur (1)

The lovely Prernaa tried on some of our jewellery pieces and she was all praises for intricately crafted pieces by Savio Jewellery. We would like to add that she looked even more gorgeous in our classy jewellery pieces.

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Prernaa especially loved these earrings which are perfect for any special event. The design of these earrings is timeless so you don’t need to worry about being on trend. Such pieces add grace to the style of every woman and are must haves.

savio jewellery at iijs 2017

Another ornament by Savio that captured Prernaa’s fantasy was this ethereal necklace studded with diamonds. We take pride in creating such jewellery pieces that enchant everyone at first sight. This neckpiece is a fine example of Savio’s craftsmanship. You can style this diamond beauty with your little black dress or a flowing chiffon sari. It will make you look your loveliest always.

Savio Jewellery is very happy to be loved by everyone. We are sure that once you wear our jewellery pieces, you wouldn’t want to look anywhere else.

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How to Complement Your Hairstyle with Right Jewellery

It’s a fact that jewellery augments your beauty. It is the focus of all your beautiful looks but jewellery does a lot more than just adding glamour and bling. It can make your hairdos look even more attractive and in turn make you look your most beautiful. When it comes to complementing your hairstyles, earrings play the most vital role. Selecting the right earrings for each of your hairstyles can be tricky and so we are here to guide you. These are our simple tips on How to complement your hairstyle with right jewellery-

Open medium to long hair

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Go with cluster earrings. These types of earrings are bigger than studs but they do not hang. Danglers are not the best choice when wearing your hair open as flowing hair and hanging earrings look too busy.

Bob hairstyle


For this haircut, you want your beautiful earrings show through your mane. Chandelier earrings look best when you leave your short hair open.

Pixie cut


Choose earrings that complement your face-shape as pixie cut completely exposes your face. Round faces are balanced perfectly by danglers.


Wear hoops if you have an oblong face. Long face shape is well complemented by studs too.

Side Braids

DSC02258(s) copy

For a classy look, pair your such stylish braids with big hoops. They balance out the length added by braids.



For sleek ponytails and braids, it’s best to add some length to your face. Tear drops and chandelier earrings should be your top choice to go with such hairstyles.



A chignon is the best hairstyle for high-profile events. Danglers make buns stand out beautifully. You can style your chignon with drop-down earrings regardless of the shape of your face.

Top Knot


A sleek top knot keeps hair out of face and gives you a no-nonsense look. Something bold yet simple is the right accompaniment for high buns and high ponytails. Go for danglers in one tone.

Half up half down


This classic hairstyle is go to for women. As this hairdo is so elegant, you don’t want anything else craving for attention. We suggest decorating your ears with studs to accessorize this look.

Loved the jewellery featured here? You can witness our new collection at India International Jewellery Show 2017 which will be held in Mumbai from 27th-31st July. Do visit our booth no.- 1B065-1B067

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