Significance of Indian Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery in India has emotional connect. Indians buy jewellery for the purpose of savings also so that they have something to fall back on in case of financial troubles. Women adore their jewellery pieces and love to flaunt them too. Jewellery actually is not just for adornment and can help in maintaining good health. Find out how your jewellery might be keeping you in good health while making you look prettier at the same time-

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A beautiful necklace enhances your beauty for sure. Traditionally the other form of necklace, the Mangalsutra is a symbol of husband and wife’s love and commitment for each other.
Necklaces also help in regulating blood circulation and maintaining blood pressure.



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In old times, it was believed that openings in body are doors for evil spirits and earrings were worn for protection from them.
Earrings provide acupuncture benefits. A nerve passing through the right ear connects brain, cervical region and kidney. Adequate pressure keeps kidney and bladder in good health.


The jingling sound of anklets announces the arrival of bride in her new house after wedding.
Human bodies produce current and silver anklets counter that. Anklets also help in providing relief from pain in legs and foot-inflammation. Anklets even help in regulating blood circulation, boosting immunity and preventing swelling of heels.



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When getting engaged, the ring is worn in the fourth finger from the thumb. It is believed that a vein in this finger goes directly to heart thus symbolizing a deep relation.
Nerves passing through this finger are evenly spread through neurons in brains and the ring’s constant friction is good for physical and mental well-being.


Toe Rings
Toe rings are symbols of marriage. It’s believed that nerves in toes are connected to the uterus and also pass through heart. The friction provided by toe rings helps in keeping reproductive organs healthy.



what does indian jewellery signify
Bangles signify safety and good luck for a woman’s husband.
Bangles help in regulating blood circulation. Energy keeps passing out of body through skin and bangles due to being circular send it back to the body.

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